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"Swap" is Poised for Take-off

How popular is DeFi?
Link, known as the leader of the oracle machine, has increased by 305.19% for the past three months, with an investment return of 17,052%, climbing to the fifth spot in the cryptocurrency ranking list by market value in the short term;
Since its issuance, YFI, which has soared 350 times all the way, has attracted 630 million US dollars of investment in 5 days, and was even dubbed the next Bitcoin in this circle;
From Comp for lending, KNC and BAL, governance tokens for decentralized exchanges, to SNX which is a stable currency payment network, various governance tokens of the DeFi ecosystem have emerged in an endless stream, stirring the blood in the market.
Such a boom is not only reflected in the currency price, but also pushes the brand new DEX based on the AMM (automated market making) model an overnight hit. UniSwap, known as the next-generation casino, has surpassed the world's first-tier centralized exchanges such as Binance, OKex, and Huobi in user activity, daily trading volume, and daily turnover.
With the rapid rise of UniSwap, the DEX threat theory has once again triggered heated discussions among the media and communities in the blockchain industry.
DEX on the Rise
The success of UniSwap is by no means something accidental. As early as 2018 when centralized exchanges suffered the hacker theft one after another, Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, predicted that the future lay in decentralized exchanges and that Ethereum, by developing a "better" decentralized platform, could empower the cryptocurrency community to regain the dominance from the centralized cryptocurrency exchange.
To realize the decentralized concept of returning to users their asset ownership, geeks in the blockchain industry have made many attempts.
Kyber Network, Bancor, Balancer, 0X, Curvefi, etc. are all DEXs based on Ethereum blocks. For a long time, affected by the performance of Ethereum and cross-chain issues, these DEXs were once stagnant.
With the lessons learned from Ethereum DEX, newcomers to the DEX have focused on high performance, high TPS, and rich assets as the ultimate goal for product development.
Amid the DEX threat theory, major exchanges have deployed their own public chain DEX products in a response to their respective development strategies: Binance launched Binance DEX on its Binance Chain, and Bittrex Exchange unveiled Ethfinex on the Ethereum and EOSfinex on the EOS blockchain, two platforms where users can exchange for fiat currencies; last year, CoinEx officially launched CoinEx Chain, a public chain dedicated to decentralized transactions, followed by CoinEx DEX.
Since the birth of the DEX in the blockchain world, this field has never run out of competition.
By independent development or other’s advantage?
From 2017 when it was established to 2019 as it stabilized, DEX has witnessed its annual trading volume skyrocketing from less than US$5 million to over US$2.5 billion. As DeFi gains fame and grows rapidly, DEX has grown into the most popular source of money, attracting a flood of speculators. In the past month, the trading volume of the global cryptocurrency market DEX has exceeded US$ 4 billion, more than twice the figure across 2019.
In the past two years, despite the increasingly in-depth exploration in the DEX, the cross-chain issue remains a stumbling block in its development path. DEX will not outperform CEX in the trading experience until a cross-chain solution is worked out.
The concept of DeFi went viral in 2019. With the continuous improvement of the DeFi ecosystem, the current Ethereum blockchain has developed into a complete decentralized financial system, covering mortgage lending, interest from deposit, leveraged trading, token exchange, identity authentication, and other infrastructure essential to traditional financial systems.
In addition to the mouth-watering profit, the DeFi ecosystem has also brought along explosive growth in both the type and quantity of digital assets, making DEX a market favorite. Compared with the DEX dedicated to public chains, the Ethereum-based DEX has been equipped with more possible functions and thus become more attractive thanks to the comprehensive supplementary infrastructure on Ethereum.
This also presents DEX pioneers with new opportunities. Dubbed “Swap’s summer”, the summer of 2020 has seen a market rush in Swap development after UniSwap became a hit.
Miniswap, Justswap, and btswap are no more innovative than UniSwap according to their product structures and white papers.
By comparison, OneSwap has injected unique essence into its product design and governance model based on UniSwap's automated market making.
Upgraded UniSwap
OneSwap, which has a double mining model + order book, has received an investment of tens of millions from CoinEx even before the product is launched. It is known that OneSwap is jointly developed by a group of technology geeks who have engaged in the cryptocurrency community for many years. The project was initiated by a member of the team in an attempt to upgrade UniSwap after he experienced the convenient AMM enabled by UniSwap.
Without limit orders, users have to trade in the price set by the platform, which, however, compromised their experience. In addition, the lack of liquidity mining and transaction mining rewards cannot reduce the losses of liquidity providers caused by unilateral market conditions.
"DEX still has much room for perfection, and could even surpass CEX in trading experience"
The OneSwap development team always believes that UniSwap still has a long way to go before it becomes the strongest DEX in the DeFi ecosystem. They have endeavored to, relying on their abundant experience in exchange product development and digital currency trading, create the most powerful DEX product in the DeFi ecosystem based on smart contracts.
OneSwap is called the “upgraded UniSwap” in the community. By the combination of the Constant Product Market Maker (CPMM) model in the Uniswap project and the on-chain order book, it reduces restrictions on users’ trading, and, through its OneSwap Wallet, improves user interaction methods and further enhances their experience in trading and product usage.
OneSwap boasts one-click token issuance and listing essential to DEX. Unlike the listing review mechanism on Binance DEX, the setting of OneSwap is more consistent with the concept of decentralization. Anyone can put his or her good projects and ideas, if any, into practice through OneSwap without permission.
In terms of product design, OneSwap will add to its function menu the Candlestick chart, order form, and depth chart according to user habits, apart from limit orders. These functions will offer OneSwap users an experience as smooth, easy-to-use, and convenient as in the CEX.
A new source of money? A two-pronged platform with transaction mining + liquidity mining
To support on-chain governance, OneSwap will issue a ERC20 governance token called ONES. The total number of ONES remains constant at 100 million, 50% of which will be used as community funds to support the construction of the OneSwap ecosystem and 50% will be owned by the OneSwap team. Community funds can be applied for through on-chain governance. 5% of the part held by the team will be unlocked initially, and the rest will be unlocked at a rate of 5% every six months until all is unlocked after four and a half years.
After the OneSwap product was launched, the OneSwap team will take part of the initially unlocked tokens as airdrop rewards for the open beta. Then OneSwap will officially start liquidity mining and transaction mining, and the governance token ONES will also be simultaneously launched on centralized trading platforms across the world. The first round of mining activities will last for one month, and mining rewards are yet to be made public.
Liquidity mining is a popular way of obtaining governance tokens in the DeFi ecosystem. Well-known DeFi projects including COMP, Cure, and Banner have all enabled liquid mining.
Transaction mining could date back to 2018 when Fcoin grew popular.
The transaction mining model initiated by Fcoin in 2018 once set off a bull market that year, pushing many investors into financial freedom in the rush of transaction mining. In addition, transaction mining based on the DeFi ecosystem is still a blue ocean, which is not common in the current market. The success of OneSwap's double mining model, if possible, would surely start a craze in the cryptocurrency market.
The OneSwap team has not yet announced specific mining rules, but disclosed that it has developed the smart contract code. To ensure the product security, OneSwap will invite three well-known security agencies in the blockchain industry to audit the code and announce the auditing results in early September at the soonest.
DeFi did not rise to fame without reason in 2020. Such overnight popularity is an inevitable result of Ethereum's efforts to build a decentralized consensus mechanism and improve infrastructure in the past few years. Ethereum has almost become the only public chain in the DeFi circle and the only construction base for well-known DEX. If OneSwap succeeds, it means a huge breakthrough for both DeFi and Ethereum, and decentralization in its true sense is around the corner.
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Interview With Eddie Jiang: How CoinEx Is Adapting To The Exchange Space And Growing

Interview With Eddie Jiang: How CoinEx Is Adapting To The Exchange Space And Growing
Written by
We recently had the opportunity to interview the VP of ViaBTC Group, Eddie Jiang. ViaBTC Group owns popular crypto exchange CoinEx and ViaBTC Pool. In this interview Eddie discusses being the first exchange to use BCH as the base currency, ViaBTC Pool and integrating with CoinEx, new features and ambassador program, and competing with other exchanges like Binance and Huobi. Please enjoy the interview below.
How come you decided to open up CoinEx to other cryptos other than just BCH?
Eddie Jiang: CoinEx is the world’s first exchange to implement Bitcoin Cash as a base currency. At that time, it was evident that there was a demand for BCH trading markets, and we are the first to explore this opportunity. It also shows our determination to support the BCH’s development.
As CoinEx is developing, our goal becomes bigger and we are aiming at the global market. We need to constantly improve our product diversification to meet the different needs of more users, so we open up to other cryptos. In the past six months, we have listed more than 50 new tokens. Up to now, we have listed 129 cryptos and 313 markets. Besides, in addition to spot trading, CoinEx also supports perpetual contract and other derivatives trading.
How does CoinEx integrate with the ViaBTC Pool?
Eddie Jiang: ViaBTC Group announced a strategic upgrade, which included a new organizational structure, product innovations and service improvements, on 30 May.
As part of the change, the Group has established three dedicated business units (BU): the financial services BU, consisting of ViaBTC mining pool and CoinEx exchange; the infrastructure services BU, including ViaWallet and Blockchain Explorer; and the ecological development BU, focusing on the research and development of public chain technology and the construction of the ecology.
After halving, the combination of mining and finance will become closer and closer. Investing in mining machines is like buying a Bitcoin option. Miners need more flexible financial products to maintain and increase the value of assets, or hedging services. Based on this judgment, the operations of ViaBTC mining pool and CoinEx exchange will be integrated in the future to realize the financial empowerment of the mining pool to meet the diverse financial needs of miners.
Features of this integrated product upgrade can be summarized as: “ The mining pool is the wallet, and the wallet is the transaction.” ViaBTC is the world first mining pool that has a wallet embedded in the mining pool account. Users do not need to transfer the mined coins, and can realize the function of coin exchange within the wallet. For example, they can directly convert the mined coins into USDT to pay electricity bill. What’s more, users can store, deposit and withdraw their revenue, and transfer assets to CoinEx at any time without charge, as well as complete other operations on the exchange, such as purchasing wealth management products for asset preservation and appreciation. In addition, we also provide hedging services. All of the above functions can be completed in one stop in the mining pool, without the need to transfer assets between different platforms.
The exchange empowers the mining pool, and the mining pool will further bring more traffic and resources to the exchange. The two complement each other and development coordinately.
CoinEx has recently added many new features. Can you talk about what new updates were made to the platform and why you made them?
Eddie Jiang: We have always attached great importance to the development of overseas markets since our establishment, and one of our major goals this year is to cover at least 10 different languages speaking markets.
To realize this and to meet the needs of more users worldwide, CoinEx has been continuously optimizing and upgrading its operating strategies, products and services. Our product diversifications are constantly improving. As I said before, we have launched leverage trading, perpetual contract trading, and wealth management products in addition to just spot trading. However, we don’t ignore the importance of spot trading. More mainstream, popular, and high-quality tokens have been listed, and up to now, there are 129 tokens and 313 trading pairs on CoinEx.
During the epidemic, we have never slowed down our development. Lacking of the OTC service has always been a shortage for CoinEx. In March, we partner with Simplex to integrate the first fiat onramp to our platform. People now can buy crypto with their credit cards, which lowers the threshold for more people to enter the crypto world. Moreover, we announced global strategic partnership with Matrixport to provide people with large amount of fiat to crypto needs the OTC service. These newly launched services also help to attract more users.
At the same time, CoinEx has been launched in Arabic, Italian, English, Japanese, Russian, Korean and other 16 languages. Earlier we also carried out product upgrades, making the UI and function sections clearer.
In terms of operations, we launched an upgraded CoinEx Ambassador program in March. To best utilize each ambassador’s personal strengths, there are four categories of CoinEx Ambassador with different responsibilities, namely Referral Ambassador, Marketing Ambassador, Operation Ambassador, and Business Ambassador, which will expand our brand’s exposure and help CoinEx grow into a more international exchange platform.
From March until now CoinEx has seen a 100% increase in user registrations. Why is that and are you able to see where they are coming from?
Eddie Jiang: Because of the efforts mentioned above, in 2020, we’ve seen an exponential increase in activity in just the past few months alone. In this year alone, CoinEx’s daily registered users increased by 100%. These new users mainly come from markets such as the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and more.
Interestingly, we saw an uptick in traffic from the Middle East in March. User growth in Southeast Asia also picked up significantly, newly registered users increased by 133.6% in April.
With Binance, BitMex, Huobi, Bybit, and Deribit, controlling most of the crypto futures and options markets, where do you see CoinEx fitting in? How do you plan to capture market share from these large exchanges?
Eddie Jiang: We won’t compete with others. We focus on ourselves to improve products and our goal is to be better than yesterday.
Our pace is solid and steady, instead of focusing on temporary heat and flow. We have always attached great importance of spot trading, and we are committed to be responsible for users’ investment. We have set up CoinEx Institution, which is dedicated on project research. A listing committee consist of core team members review and vote on projects recommended by the CoinEx Institution. In this way, fraud projects are avoided as much as possible.
Besides, we will focus on niche areas with great potential. For example, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. CoinEx can serve users in those countries well by providing a platform with rich cryptos to trade, and will pay more efforts on refined operations in different countries.
Moreover, CoinEx has a very complete ecosystem. Financial services, infrastructure, and ecological development, the three business units complement each other. The infrastructure BU is our cornerstone and is positioned as a defensive product; the financial service BU is a cash cow and is positioned as an aggressive product; the ecological development BU focuses on the public chain ecology and is the future infrastructure.
What is the geographical breakdown of the CoinEx userbase?
Eddie Jiang: The current proportion of CoinEx’s overseas users has reached 80% of the total registered users, and mainly in Australia, Southeast Asia, North America, Middle East and South Korea.
Do you have plans to focus on any certain jurisdictions? How will you do that?
Eddie Jiang: When we evaluate regions, two things matter: policy and potential.
Whether an exchange’s business expansion in a region is smooth or not largely depends on the region’s policies. If the region is not very friendly towards cryptocurrency or has repeated attitudes, there will be more difficulties and the cost will be much higher.
For a region’s development potential, we need to think about the demand and market development status. South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions are all areas with good potential for cryptocurrency development. Compared with Europe and America, policy risks in these countries are lower, and the supervision mechanism is relatively complete. The public has a high degree of awareness of cryptocurrencies. Besides, some regions or countries have inflation problems due to political and economic reasons.
CoinEx will continue to focus on the Middle East and South Asia, which are relatively niche. India has just lifted ban on cryptocurrency trading this year, and there are many cryptocurrency investors in Indian. CoinEx can serve them well by providing a platform with rich cryptos to trade. More people in the Middle East are interested cryptos, especially in countries that are subject to economic sanctions or high inflation. For those people, cryptocurrencies are one of the best choices for asset preservation.
Since the CoinEx Ambassador program launched in March, it has been almost three months. We are conducting the second round of ambassador recruitment. This time, we will use the power of ambassadors to expand our recruitment coverage and strive to attract more crypto enthusiasts from all over the world to grow together with CoinEx. Moreover, we will launch the National Expansion plan and leverage on the CoinEx and ViaBTC mining pool resources, to further explore the Russian market. At the market level, we will make more PR efforts in local markets, and start refined operations.
What is CoinEx Chain and CoinEx DEX?
Eddie Jiang: CoinEx Chain is a public chain built on the Tendermint consensus protocol and the Cosmos SDK. It consists of three dedicated public chains parallel to each other. Among these three chains, CoinEx DEX meets the most basic needs of DeFi for token issuance, transfer, and transactions. The Smart Chain is designed to meet the needs of complex financial scenarios and delivers programmable cash. The Privacy Chain facilitates privacy and security.
On November 11, 2019, we took the lead in launching the Mainnet of CoinEx DEX. CoinEx DEX is the world’s first public chain dedicated to decentralized transactions. Users can easily manage their digital assets on it.
CoinEx DEX can fully satisfy the following conditions: users have private keys at their own disposal; transfers and transactions are all completed on-chain, which is 200% transparent and checkable; the issuance, transfer, and transaction of tokens do not require review or permission; the community governance and operation is decentralized, similar to EOS, and validators are introduced to the community ecosystem construction and governance. There are currently 41 validators.
It also has extreme performance. TPS reaches as high as 10,000 and transactions are confirmed within seconds. The transaction fee, 0.0001 US dollars for each transaction, is negligible.
Third, it’s simple and easy to use. The new operation interface design helps beginners get started quickly; with the one-click token issuing module, users only need to fill in a few items to issue tokens; the built-in automated market-making module guarantees liquidity.
How will CoinEx DEX improve the decentralized exchange space that has been unable to gain much adoption?
Eddie Jiang: There are many challenges and difficulties facing centralized exchanges. The first difficulty is security. Security is a huge concern for CEXs. Over the last 10 years, hackers have stolen more than $1.5 billion from centralized exchanges. In fact, research groups estimate that hackers stole somewhere between $950 Million and $1 Billion from centralized exchanges in 2018 alone. There were also incidents of coin thefts in other exchanges in 2019. Many exchanges, such as Mt. Gox, Youbit, were forced to file for bankruptcy and shut down as a result of hacks.
The second is high management costs. Centralized exchanges need to list a large number of cryptocurrencies and each of them have different trading pairs. That entails huge efforts in development and maintenance and, thus, high management costs.
The last is global policies. Cryptocurrency is faced with different regulatory policies in different countries. Every time a centralized exchange enters a country, it needs to adapt itself to local regulatory policies for compliance. This is a holdback for the exchange’s rapid market expansion globally. Such adaptation will also bring a huge learning cost for the exchange team.
Obviously, these problems can be well solved by DEX. CoinEx DEX is a true DEX with full open source and full community governance, as well as without depending on official nodes, websites, wallets, etc. On DEX, users are able to in charge of their own private keys and assets all by themselves. Their assets are more safe and secure. Transfers and transactions are all completed on-chain, which is 200% transparent and checkable; and the issuance, transfer, and transaction of tokens do not require review or permission. What’s more, CoinEx DEX provides a great and convenient user experience.
How will CoinEx Chain and DEX help the crypto industry as a whole?
Eddie Jiang: The public chain is the cornerstone of the blockchain industry. CoinEx Chain has the parallelism of multiple dedicated public chains, each of which performs its own functions, by cross-chaining for both high performance and flexibility.
CoinEx Chain is committed to building the next generation of blockchain financial infrastructure. It is a more complete ecosystem built around the DEX public chain. The DEX public chain is a dedicated public chain developed specifically for token issuance and trading and the biggest improvement on trading speed, so it only supports the necessary functions, not smart contracts.
But smart contracts are the foundation for building more complex financial applications. Outside the DEX public chain, CoinEx Chain also includes a Smart Chain that supports smart contracts.
Moreover, as privacy issues on the current blockchain have been criticized, it is one of the core tasks of CoinEx Chain to safeguard users’ privacy. Similar to the Smart Chain, the Privacy Chain specifically supports transaction privacy protection. With cross-chain circulation, it can improve the privacy characteristic of the entire CoinEx Chain ecosystem.
Nowadays, 1.7 million people in the world have no bank accounts; however, among them, two thirds are smartphone users with huge demands for financial services. The public chain will empower DeFi applications’ development and popularization, not only help more companies to seize the huge market opportunity, but also to bring lasting transformations and improvements in people’s lives.
With so many crypto exchanges, what is the future outlook of CoinEx when it comes to the crypto exchange space?
Eddie Jiang: It has been nearly 3 years since CoinEx has been launched, but it’s quite young for an entrepreneurial team. We have seen too many projects’ failures due to governance issues. CoinEx has a very elite team with high technical and management capabilities. In terms of business, CoinEx has gradually developed with diversified business and a complete ecosystem. It’s clear that the market will still grow very fast in the future, and the market size is still very large. We will continue to improve our products, put more efforts in marketing and operations, as well as look for more high-quality projects, to increase the number of users and transactions on the platform. Lay a solid foundation, and I’m sure the time will come for us to shine.
What updates is the CoinEx team most excited for?
Eddie Jiang: We are very excited about the National Expansion Plan which will be launched later this year. It is an important part in CoinEx’s globalization strategy. We will actively explore some new markets while consolidate the original ones. CoinEx will set aside 10 million US dollars to set up a “Pioneer Fund” to support this plan. This fund will be used to support local cryptocurrency projects and promote the development of the local cryptocurrency communities through investment or cooperation. Our goal this year is to invest in projects and communities that are conducive to expanding the CoinEx ecosystem in countries with high development potential.
Original article
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[Daily BAT Discussion] Homeward Bound - February 19, 2018

February 19, 2018
Hey BAT cows! Welcome to the Daily BAT Discussion!
Yesterday's Market Movements - Slightly Down
Yesterday we saw the price move downward a little bit, touching 3800 sats for a minute, and bouncing back up now sitting at around 4000 sats ($0.43). We're still pretty close with the USD price compared to yesterday despite the drop in satoshis because Bitcoin's price also climbed a bit. However, volume is still very low, so any big hands could move the price in either direction.
ETH Denver is officially over! It was an absolute blast meeting developers and learning more about the other projects in the crypto space. They officially announced the kickoff of next year's ETH Denver 2019. From what I've heard, it's one of the most successful, and largest ETH hackathons so far. This year it was free to attend for everyone - hackers and workshop attendees. They also gave out a lot of free stuff, along with free meals over the whole weekend from local foodtrucks, which were absolutely delicious. If you guys have the means and motivation, I would definitely recommend checking it out next year!
Also wanted to give a big shoutout to the Brave/BAT team for working on all the payments technical issues despite attending the event! In my opinion, Brave is hands down one of the best projects (if not the best) in the space so far, and everyone from the company, team members, to all you guys in the community are just fantastic.
Hope everyone has a great start of the week!
Here are some guides for new people getting into crypto, especially BAT. Invest responsibly!
Daily Discussion Rules
Remember, the permitted topics of discussion include, but are not limited to:
For now, dailies won't be stickied. So if you can, please upvote!
Disclaimer: All content on BAT Dailies are not affiliated with the official Brave or BAT team, and are solely run and provided by the BAT community unless otherwise stated.
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Crypto News Recap for the week ending August 3rd

Developments in Financial Services


General News

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[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] Capitalize on the Dip: this is the best low-cap crypto to buy right now

The following post by DefNotMD is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been openly removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: CryptoCurrency/comments/7pg2kd
The original post's content was as follows:
The markets are in a major dip right now. HODL memes aside, we all know to buy the dip and sell the peak, and this dip has lined up perfectly with a low-cap token that, as long as the crypto market grows, will continue to grow as well.
First, about me: I’ve been deployed for the past few months, and with the wars winding down, I’ve had a lot of free time to follow the scene. I am by no means a crypto expert—I’ve just bought and held, and my portfolio has gone up 600% since I started in August 2017—but the key takeaway is that I’ve learned when to buy. RaiBlocks at $2.00, COSS at $0.20, Enjin at $0.15, and 15 others. There are a few things I look for when it comes to timing:
  • Product potential
  • Road Map
  • Exchange Listings
  • Current Market Cap
  • Time in market
  • Historical price trends
  • Competitor’s performance
  • Social Media/Marketing presence
  • Concerns
I’m going to cover all of these on why Bounty0x is the best buy right now, especially during the current dip (a dip that we will most definitely break out of in the near future).
1. Product Potential
Bounty0x is a decentralized bounty hunting network that utilizes its own token. They have an alpha product here where you can list a software bug bounty, or a social media bounty, or whatever kind of freelance task you want. There were a few issues I had with it before I wanted to invest, but the community clarified them for me:
  • You can get paid in any currency (fiat, Monero, Ethereum, Raiblocks, whatever). The BNTY token is not the only payment option.
  • What’s the token for, then? We all know that the price depends on supply and demand, so what’s creating the demand? Well, it’s used as a staking mechanism to keep participants honest because you have to “stake” some BNTY tokens to participate.
  • It incentivizes quality bounty requests, because if your bounty post gets rejected for being against the guidelines, a portion of the BNTY tokens you submitted gets burned. This encourages people to only post high quality, fully fleshed out requests.
  • It is used by “bounty hunters” (freelancers) to participate in super bounties (super bounties are tasks that are usually subjective and/or highly technical). If the bounty hunter’s submission is rejected (for example, if they claim a typo in a third-party code comment is a bug <- you guys should definitely read that one), then a portion of their BNTY tokens are burned. This encourages bounty hunters/freelancers to only submit legitimate solutions.
  • It is used by the sheriffs (yeah I know, cheesy name, they’re basically the moderators) to participate in determining whether a bounty has been performed correctly—if they are the lone dissenter in the group of sheriffs (right now, it requires a majority decision with at least three sheriffs) then a portion of their BNTY tokens are burned.
From a timing perspective, the fact that they already have a working product while in alpha tells me that when it's in beta or fully released, it's going to be even bigger--and it’s already paying out real world bounties. Given their niche market, and the lack of competitors, I'm more than confident that there will continue to be a growing demand for Bounty0x. And we all know that, especially in the crypto world, early adopters are rewarded.
2. Roadmap
  • Feb 2018: Integrating with social media and redesigning the platform. What makes this unique is that they’re getting live feedback from the alpha version of their product, which is a whole lot more than what most tokens can say. It’s a very good sign that they’re taking their time, learning their lessons, and not releasing a bug-filled final product.
  • Mar 2018: Complete automated payment distribution.
  • 2018 Q2: Launching the Beta product, and the staking mechanism that defines the BNTY token. Sheriffs will actually be able to earn Bounty0x too, as payment for good conduct.
  • 2018 Q3 and Q4: Incorporate machine learning to further smooth out the product, support external modules/plugins, initiate a buy back program (the buy back program ensures that the price does not fall below a certain limit), and finalize the Bounty0x network.
  • 2019 and beyond: Release the mobile apps, and enable crosschain support.
From a timing perspective, this is an unusual opportunity, because even though it’s “the long game,” they already have a working product right now, which is a rare thing for a crypto token. So being an early adopter right now pays off both in the short term and long term. I'd also expect there to be incremental jumps every quarter with every update.
3. Exchange Listings
It’s not on very many exchanges, and KuCoin is really the best option (and EtherDelta if you so wish). What does that mean? Just like with RaiBlocks three weeks ago, the limited exchange options artificially limits the demand, thus artificially keeping the price low. Right now, the next exchange could be Bit-Z, with a $400 million daily trading volume (compared to KuCoin's $340 million).
From a timing perspective, you absolutely have to get in before it comes to the masses (à la Binance, et. al.). All one has to do is look at Raiblocks' history over the past few weeks to know how important this is.
4. Current Market Cap
Currently at $78,135,634 which ranks 233 on Coinmarketcap. I don't look at this as "it's undervalued," because it's a little difficult to guess what its actual value is due to lack of competitors. Instead, I see this more as a testament to its potential--meaning, it's growth is far from over, and whatever its end valuation will be will certainly be much higher than #233.
From a timing perspective, you want to get in on coins before they break the top 100. It isn't too late if you do, but you're set to be in a better position if you buy in while it's still a small cap.
5. Time in Market
It's been out for two weeks. It's already been used for a redditor's webstore on this sub, but it's also just starting to get featured in mainstream articles.
From a timing perspective, you want to get in before people start paying attention. Did you see how quickly it was used just from a reddit post? This isn't just speculation. How much longer until it reaches /all?
6. Historical Price Trends
Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Every investor knows this. But we can also take a look at other cryptos to dispel certain myths. For instance, when Bounty0x was released, it traded for $0.10 and it's now at ~$0.70--that's a growth of 700%! Many people see that percent change and think that they missed the boat. But I'd argue the opposite--that the boat is still taking on passengers, especially when you look at its short time in market and its small market cap.
For example, DragonChain grew by 400% in its first two weeks! You may have thought you missed the boat on that too, but had you bought in at the peak of that growth, you'd have seen 650% gain just a few weeks later. The point is, seeing how much it's grown in the past two weeks is not an indication that it will keep growing at its current rate, but it is also not a reason to think it's done growing.
From a timing perspective, you never want to buy at the all time high. Bounty0x is currently down 20% from its ATH, meaning this is the time you want to buy.
7. Competitor’s Performance
As far as I know, it has no competitors. Maybe Fiverr, but they don't use crypto. It's on a bull run all by itself, just like Bitcoin was back in the day.
8. Social Media/Marketing Presence
Bounty0x has been leveraged to find the EtherDelta hacker, which is still an open case. Bounty0x has partnered up with SwissBorg, a Swiss crypto investment platform (and it's not just for a one-time bounty). See this very insightful post on uses outside of software bug bounties with respect to social media. It's only a matter of time before one of the big bounties gets fulfilled and publicized. Once that happens (say, the EtherDelta hacker was caught, and Bounty0x was utilized)--that's when the boat will have finally left.
From a timing perspective, you want to get in before it reaches that critical mass on social media. You want to get in before your hairdresser starts talking about it.
9. Concerns
As much as I'm excited about Bounty0x, I do have a few concerns. One, their team is super young and inexperienced. That's not really easy to objectively quantify, sinc...
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Ben Swann ON: Binance's $40M Bitcoin Hack Binance HACKED For 7000 BTC/$40 Million Binance Hacked! / Someone Threatens To Kill Me Binance Trading Bot 2020 / 10$-75$ per day Binance Hack! Valuable Opportunity? Trading Bot for Binance (Tutorial) BREAKING: Binance hacked! 7000 BTC stolen... Bitcoin Q&A: Binance hack, chain roll-back? Is Your Crypto at Risk? Binance $40,000,000 Bitcoin HACK! How To Trade Bitcoin Cryptocurrency for Beginners - YouTube

Clain investigated Binance hack and concluded that out of 7074 BTC stolen from there the majority (4836BTC) were sent to Chipmixer for laundering and 183BTC of Chipmixer outputs were confirmed to have a direct connection with hacker. Blog; Clain Platform; 7 August 2019 / Investigations Binance Hack 2019 – A Deep Dive Into Money Laundering And Mixing. This time around, Clain has investigated ... Machine Learning. Certified Machine Learning Expert™ Chat Bot. Certified Chatbot Expert™ ... $40.7 Million In Bitcoin Hacked From Binance. Posted on by Toshendra Kumar Sharma. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has fallen prey to a massive hack attack. Fund withdrawals were frozen by Binance after the internal security system spotted a suspicious transaction following ... Earlier this month, Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, suffered an attack where hackers stole $40M worth of Bitcoin. While Blockchain provides strong fundamentals leading to secure cryptocurrency transactions, we must remember that it exists in a larger information technology (IT) context. In any IT setup, there are exploits available to attackers even in the presence of ... Hackers exploited the modified nodes. Microsoft noted that it had discovered about a dozen machines affected by the hack which originally attacked a machine learning toolkit, Kubeflow because of its open-source Kubernates platform. By default settings, the dashboard that controls Kubeflow is only accessible internally with the nodes so the ... Recently, hackers steal more than $40 million bitcoin from the Binance. When it comes to Binance, it is the largest Cryptocurrency exchange in the world. According to Binance, hackers actually ran off with more than 7,000 bitcoin by using numerous attack methods. They are used for the purpose of carrying out a large scale security breach. It is significant to know that the hackers are managed ... Source: Yesterday, within the aforementioned 2 minute period, the hackers used the API keys, placed a large number of market buys on the VIA/BTC market, pushing the price high, while 31 pre-deposited accounts were there selling VIA at the top.The hackers managed to create a pump for Viacoin where the price increased from approximately 0.0002532 till 0.025 (10,000% increase). Earlier this month, Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, suffered an attack where hackers stole $40M worth of Bitcoin. While Blockchain provides strong fundamentals leading to secure cryptocurrency transactions, we must remember that it exists in a larger information technology (IT) context. In any IT setup, there are exploits available to attackers even in the presence of ... Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, lost bitcoins worth $40 million in May. Hackers used API keys, two factor authentication and other personal information to gain access to ... รายงานใหม่ล่าสุดเผยว่า Binance กำลังล้มเหลวในการป้องกันไม่ให้นักแฮ็คและมิจฉาชีพในการแปลงเหรียญ cryptocurrency ที่พวกเขาขโมยมาได้เป็นเงินสด . โหลดแอพ ... Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, lost bitcoins worth $40 million in May. Hackers used API keys, two factor authentication and other personal

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Ben Swann ON: Binance's $40M Bitcoin Hack

Get an additional $10 in Bitcoins from Coinbase when purchasing through my referral link Here is a quick beginner's guide on ... How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio - Duration: 31 ... We Go Deep On the Binance Hacker Story - Duration: 9:46. CoinDesk 2,555 views. 9:46. Scalping: An effective and highly profitable ... Ledn's first product, Bitcoin-backed loans, gives hodlers access to dollar liquidity without having to sell their bitcoin. This lets you keep the any potential appreciation in your precious bitcoin. Binance today was hacked for 7,000 Bitcoin, while markets are remaining resilient, what does this mean for you and your Bitcoin? Sources https://www.theblock... Binance considered rolling back the Bitcoin chain in order to recover stolen funds. How would that have happened? How likely is it that such a recovery method would be executed in the future? The Bitcoin Halving & The Manipulation Of It - Duration: 7 ... How much was stolen & what can we learn from this? - Duration: 10:29. DataDash 14,548 views. 10:29. HUGE Bitcoin Resistance! Is a Dip ... I give you a fully working program with a very large functionality, in return you can support me with likes and subscriptions! Download: $40 Million Binance Hack! What does this mean for crypto? - Duration: 9:29. Dallas Rushing 484 views. 9:29. 4K Crypto News - Halvening Season Arrives! Tezos Bitcoin Is Born Ultra Mining Gets ... After a steady rise in price, there is some more bad news for bitcoin, as yet another hack has rocked the sector. Cryptocurrency analyst Ben Swann helps us break down the heist. crypto trading bot, cryptocurrency trading bot, cryptocurrency trading bots, crypto currency trading bot, crypto trading, cryptocurrency trading, bitcoin trading bot, altcoin trading bot, daytrade ...




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